Happy New Year 2018 !

Every time I see the old year out and the new year in, I feel refreshed and I feel like I can start something new.

New Year’s resolution

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Mine is to write blog posts as many as possible. I started this blog last June, but I couldn’t write articles as I wanted to. There are a lot of things I want to write about, but I still don’t have a good skill to write sentences in English. I want to study English more and make my writing speed faster than before. (*^_^*) Today, I would like to talk about “New Year’s resolution” and “how to spend the New Year’s Day” in Japan.


What kind of resolution is popular in Japan?

According to the survey of a Japanese recruiting agent, the most popular resolution is to save money, but there is a little bit difference between men’s New Year’s resolution and women’s.

[Women’s new year’s resolution in Japan]


(5) To get married

(4) To lose weight

(3) To work hard

(2) To lead a fulfilling life outside of work

(1) To save money


[Men’s new year’s resolution in Japan]


(5) To lose weight

(4) To make a girlfriend

(3) To lead a fulfilling life outside of work

(2) To work hard

(1) To save money


There’s no big difference between New Year’s resolutions except women’s (5) to get married and men’s (4) to make a girlfriend. Why not Japanese men want to get married, and they want to make a girlfriend instead? I don’t know what the exact reason is, but it might be related to the lifetime non-marriage rate in Japan. Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office in Japan announced that the lifetime non-marriage rate of Japanese men is 23.6%. On the other hand, the lifetime non-marriage rate of Japanese women is 14.1%, which means women has more chances to get married in Japan. I assume that there are more single men than single women in Japan, and that’s why the popular new year’s resolution for men is not “to get married” but “to make a girlfriend”.


How to spend the New Year’s Day

How would you like to spend the New Year’s Day? Preparing your work? Drinking alcohol a lot? Eating lentil beans? Swimming in cold sea? Those are the information that I found when I checked what people in other countries do on the New Year’s Day. What do you think people in Japan do on the New Year’s Day?

(5) To cook and eat Japanese traditional New Year’s dish at home

(4) To buy grub bags at shops

(3) To visit parents’ home

(2) To visit a shrine/temple

(1) To sleep more than half day and watch TV at home

It is the most common to relax and do nothing but watching TV on the New Year’s Day, but I chose (2) this year. I visited a temple with three of my friends, and we drew an *”omikuji” (a fortune slip) to try our luck. *You can refer to this blog post to know what “omikuji” is.


Two of us drew 大吉(the best luck) and mine was 半吉(han-kichi = 中吉 chukichi, which means middle luck). The last of us drew 凶(bad luck) unfortunately, but his omikuji brought us big laughs at least since his reaction was hilarious. We don’t take the result seriously because it is just to try our lack for this year. Most people tend to believe only good things and forget bad things written on the omikuji.


I wish you a year filled with peace, good health and happiness!!


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