A rare chance to get Victini for your Pokémon Sun&Moon!

Pokémon’s official website announced that they have a special present for customers who visit any Pokémon center or store in Japan from June 30th to September 3rd this year. The special present is… Victini, a rare Pokémon that you cannot get in Pokémon game! They announced that this is a memorial present for the relocation of the Pokémon center Tohoku in Sendai prefecture.

What is “Victini” in the first place?

Victini was in the Pokémon movie released in 2011 summer in Japan (English title: Pokemon the movie: Black- Victini and Reshiram and White-Victini and Zekrom), and people who bought an advance ticket for the movie could get Victini for their Pokemon Black or White.

How can we received Victini? 

I went to the Pokémon store at Tokyo station to get Victini for my Pokémon sun. At first, I thought they would have some signs about this special present, but I couldn’t find any signs. Apparently, we can get the present through “Mystery Gift”, and when I pushed the bottom to start the mystery gift…

Tada~! It said “Thank you for coming to the Pokémon Center! Please pick up your gift from the delivery man in the game.” in English (this is because I’m playing Pokémon Sun in English for my studying), and the message written in Japanese said: The relocation of Tohoku, Victini. We give Victini, the Pokémon that brings you victories, as a present in memory for the relocation of the Pokémon Center in Tohoku. We hope it gives a lot of smiles for everyone! (Translated by Risa)

After finishing the mystery gift, I checked a Pokémon center in my game and found there was the delivery man standing in the center, and he delivered Victini for me! Yay!

 The status of Victini

The Victini’s level was fifteen, the type is psychic and fire, and it doesn’t have gender. It can use V-create (fire-type move), Reversal (fighting-type move), Stored Power (psychic-type move) and Celebrate (normal-type move).

You don’t have to buy any goods at Pokémon center or Pokémon store to get Victini. It is free! All you have to do is to bring your 3DS and Pokémon Sun or Moon. If you have a plan to visit Japan in August or the beginning of September, it’s a chance to have Victini in your Pokémon party!


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