Various flavors for soy milk

Kikkoman’s soy milk

I suppose you may have heard of Kikkoman if you like soy sauce. Kikkoman is an international food and drink company based in Japan. Its main products include soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, sake, juice and other beverages, and they export soy sauce from Japan to many other countries. Let me tell you about flavored soy milk instead of soy sauce today. Japanese people would imagine the company called Kibun if they saw this packed soymilk. A manufacture company called “Kibun food chemifa” used to sell this type of packed soymilk, but this company became a subsidiary company of Kikkoman. Kikkoman has thirty percent of the market share of soy sauce and fifty percent of soy milk.

Flavored soy milk

I didn’t like soy milk when I was small because of the strong smell and flavor of soy beans. I don’t remember when it was exactly, but I started to like soy milk after I tried soy milk with flavor added. I don’t want to have much sugar for my health, so I’m trying to drink pure soy milk as much as I can now. But I still like flavored soy milk.

How many flavors do you think Kikkoman has for their soy milk? It’s about thirty! Most convenience stores usually sell only two or three of them, but you can find more at supermarkets in Japan. The supermarket which I always go to sells flavored soy milk such as; tea, coffee, chocolate, matcha green tea, black sesame seeds, おしるこ(read bean soup), cherry blossoms, banana, mixed fruit, strawberry, mango, melon, Japanese pear, white peach, kiwi, pineapple, cherry, annin-tofu(Chinese-style almond jelly), almond, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate with orange, baked sweet potato, apple pie, and pop soda.

My favorite-soy milk flavor ranking

10 Mango

It tasted like mango and milk.


9 焼き芋Baked sweet potato

This is one of the unique flavors of Kikkoman’s soy milk series. Although it is very sweet, I liked this flavor. Baked sweet potato is popular among women in Japan, and I often see the flavor mainly for snacks. The best season of Sweet potato is fall, and usually people eat them during winter. So most of the sweet potato flavored products are sold in winter. This soy milk is a limited product only for winter, but I could buy it in summer for some reason. (Maybe for clearance?)


8 バナナBanana

It tasted like a rich banana shake. I guess it might be good if I mixed the banana with cocoa flavored soy milk together. Banana and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations, and I’ll update this article when I try it.


7 ココアCocoa

It is a normal and simple chocolate flavor, but I liked it very much.


6 パインアップルPineapple

It tasted like pine apple juice, not soy milk. It was sweet and little bit sour like a pineapple.


5 紅茶 Black Tea

It tasted like black tea with milk, and it was very good. I could smell tea’s aroma, but I didn’t recognize soy milk’s flavor.

4 バニラアイスクリーム Vanilla ice-cream

When I first saw this soymilk, I couldn’t help trying it because I couldn’t imagine how the manufacturer made the soymilk ice cream flavor. After I had it, it became one of my favorite soy milk flavors.

3 アーモンド Almond

If you tried it with imagining of almond milk, you would be surprised by its rich almond flavor. It is sweet, but I like it very much.

2 メロン Melon.

I was impressed by the melon flavor! The aroma and taste are like a real melon, and it is very good. A melon has a reputation of being an expensive fruit in Japan. I guess it might be one of the reasons why Japanese people want to make products with melon flavor.

(I once bought a melon (muskmelon, cantaloupe) for about 17,000 yen at 千疋屋 Senbikiya, which sells high quality fruits in Tokyo, for my mom’s birthday. Usually we can buy a melon for less than 1,000 yen at super markets, but still it’s more expensive than other fruits.)

1 抹茶 Match green tea

Matcha (powdered green tea) with black sugar syrup. It is very tasty!! People who just want to try matcha’s bitterness might think it is too sweet because of the black sugar syrup. Personally, I don’t like drinks that are too bitter, so this matcha soy milk is just perfect for me. Besides, I like black sugar since it has a unique flavor, sweetness, and minerals.

Other flavored soy milk that I have tried.

特濃 Special thickness

美味しい無調整 Delicious pure soy milk

おしるこ red bean soup

アップルパイ Apple pie, like apple juice, not strong cinnamon aroma

梨 Japanese pear

さくら Cherry blossom, but it tasted like Japanese dessert called sakura-mochi. So its taste was similar to red bean soup flavor, but it was little bit salty and sour like plums.


いちご Strawberry


杏仁 Annin-tofu (Chinese-style almond jelly)

ショコラ Orange and chocolate

さくらんぼ cherry

キウイ Kiwi

白桃 White peach

黒ゴマ black sesame seed

ラムネ Soda pop

フルーツミックス mixed fruits

麦芽コーヒー malt coffee (malt extract with coffee)

There are more flavors for Kikkoman’s soy milk

Which flavors would you like to try? I found that there’re still more flavors that I couldn’t buy at the supermarket, such as; pudding, grape fruits, yuzu (Japanese citrus), chestnut, grape, ginger, cola, ginger ale etc. There are flavors Kikkoman has already stopped producing unfortunately, so I’m not sure if I can try those flavors someday. If find them at different shops or somewhere, I will update this article.


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