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Who am I?

Thank you for visiting my blog, “My small world in Japan”. I’m Risa, born and raised in the country side of Tokyo, and currently working in an urban area in Tokyo.

I decided to start writing this blog to introduce useful or interesting information about food, subculture, shopping and travelling in Japan from my Japanese point of view.

I was not interested in Japanese culture very much when I was a child. Or I should rather say I didn’t pay attention to the world outside of Japan so I had no idea what Japanese culture, or any other cultures were. The only country I knew was Japan, so I didn’t have an idea to try to know about other countries. This changed when I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Ever since I was enchanted by the magical world of Harry Potter, I was interested in other countries for the first time. Of course, I know the magical worlds in the books or movies were different from the real world, but the more I read Harry Potter, the more it made me want to visit the UK.

Seven years later, my small dream came true, and I got a chance to study in the UK in a college program. The program was short and the time I stayed in the UK was only one month, but I had many opportunities to learn about cultures not only the UK’s but also other Asian, Europe, Middle Eastern, and Latin cultures from classmates from all over the world.                                           It was kind of shocking when I found the things I had believed to be normal was not in other countries.(>_<) But at the same time, I found cultural differences are very interesting. I was happy the experience in the UK broadened my view and it made me notice that Japanese culture is unique, sometimes strange, and I became interested in it little by little.

That was almost ten years ago…many things have happened since then. I stayed in New Zealand for 1 month, graduated from university, started working and saved 70 percent of my salary every month (for almost three years. I don’t do that anymore !) had my heart broken when I was dumped by my boyfriend who I went out with for 5 years, traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Czech republic, Hungary, Austria, and the US in three years.

Every time I go to traveling to other countries, it gives me a different perspective to see Japan both in a good way and bad way. Before I go abroad, I always buy a guide book about the country where I’m going to. But after the travelling, I thought it would be nicer if I knew more about the county. Have you had that kind of experience? That’s one of reasons I started writing my blog for people who are interested in Japan and planning to visit someday.

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